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Welcome to my new and improved website which has been designed just for you. Whether you are one of my several thousand existing Smithtown patients or a prospective patient interested in my professional services, all of your preliminary questions can be answered here. Since many of your questions will be answered from this site, on your first visit we can more fully focus on your health needs immediately. Dr. Raymond A. Semente a chiropractor near Smithtown,  NY.  If you have any questions or concerns for Dr. Semente please don’t hesitate to call. 

State of the Art Diagnostics – Chiropractor near Smithtown, New York

One hallmark of my chiropractic practice near Smithtown, NY is to utilize state of the art technology as well as remaining abreast of new procedures and technologies as they become available. This provides the highest level of care possible. If additional diagnostic testing is required such as MRIs, CT Scans, or Computerized Range of Motion (DMG-muscle testing by computer) or Electrodiagnostic testing, many of these services can be performed in the office but some, such as MRI and CT Scan must be referred.

Neuromuscular testing utilizing a Digital Myograph is an objective, computer controlled and monitor procedure measuring total force generated during isometric contraction of individual muscles and related muscle groups. Total force is measured by computer sampling and summing the units of force eight (8) times per second. Test results are then compared to the uninvolved joint in the case of joint and nerve root testing. From this information, a determination of the functional integrity of the neuromuscular elements of the area tested can be assessed in order to formulate the appropriate rehabilitation program. This diagnostic procedure provides for the verification of the existence and or severity of muscle strength/weakness and the associated spine involvement causing functional impairment.

This procedure has been found to be useful when there are no demonstrable positive x-ray, CT scan or EMG findings. In the case of soft tissue damage, the Digital Myograph can objectively show the need for continued care, demonstrate patient progress, prove results and detect malingering.

This procedure objectively measures and verifies function and functional impairment instead of anatomical abnormalities as determined by x-rays, CT scans, etc. Physiological impairment as can now be determined in the quantitative term.

Cervical & Lumbar Range of Motion Exam…This is a computerized instrument that objectively measures your range of motion. It is necessary for legal work in worker’s compensation and motor vehicle accident disability impairment measurements. Specifically, it objectively measures your range of motion in an unbiased fashion by computer. The computer also produces a deviation from normal. Since the doctor is not stating where your motion is decreased and a computer is, it is an objective measurement that is often depended on in a legal setting, such as slip and fall type injuries, workers compensation, and motor vehicle accident injuries to determine the amount of motion you have lost from normal.

In the rehabilitation of the spine, it is also important to demonstrate your future improvement when you first come to the office and see that your initial ranges of motion are decreased or impaired. A DMG helps objectively measure your improvement. Range of motion decreases occur in conditions like; a disc disease, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, and various sports and recreational injuries such as sprains, strains and joint imbalance and trauma.

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Electromyography/Nerve Conduction Velocity/Evoked Potential…this is a diagnostic instrument that is used to determine nerve damage. It can determine nerve damage in the spine or in other joints such as at the wrist, elbow, knee or ankles. It can tell the doctor and patient if the patient has nerve pain and if it is a permanent or partial injury. This test is important when the patient has a disc injury or a compression or crushing injury to a nerve anywhere in the body. The nerves that run to the muscle will be damaged and the muscles will give off abnormal waveforms. This can be detected with this instrument and this can help document the patient’s injury in degree and the severity of the damage. With chiropractic treatment, it can help evaluate the patient’s progress under care. It is often used in cases of carpal tunnel, disc injuries in the neck and lower back, nerve damage at the elbow or pinched nerves in the neck and low back.

This device requires a postgraduate study and extra post-graduate certification. This has been obtained at both New York Chiropractic College and an Externship at State University of New York Electromyography Laboratory at SUNY, Stony Brook Medical Center.

X-Ray…The office of Dr. Raymond A. Semente, a chiropractor near Smithtown, NY has full-service x-ray technology and the office utilizes up to date standard x-ray evaluation to detect misalignment or subluxation of bones of the spine which can give patients the headache, back pain, radiating neck and leg pain that is often diagnosed in the office. Interestingly enough, chiropractors were the first to use x-ray routinely in clinical practice. X-ray was invented in 1895 by William Roentgen. Chiropractic experience and utilization of x-ray in private practice have existed for over 106 years. In diagnosing chiropractic related problems, it remains one of the primary devices for evaluation and treatment.

Autotrax Spinal Decompression Therapy
The office of Dr. Raymond A. Semente, a chiropractor near Smithtown, NY utilizes Autotrax Spinal Decompression therapy. This Spinal Decompression treatment is used for the following conditions;
1. Failed low back surgery
2. Spinal Stenosis
3. Radiating pain from the neck into the arms or legs.
4. Failed prior Chiropractic treatment
5. Failed prior Physical Therapy treatment and/or massage therapy.
6. Can be used with patients who have a concern or intolerance to spinal manipulation
7. Chronic long term pain patients where medical intervention (such an Epidural Steroids have failed)

The Autotrax Spinal Decompression Table has a computer that is set specifically for each individual patient based on their nerve compression patterns or joint pain patterns. The computer acts to decompress the disc specifically. After low back musculature is relaxed by the equipment, then the computer focuses on opening up and reducing the disc herniation and/or bulge that is creating your condition.

Spinal Decompression Therapy requires a separate consultation so if you are interested in this particular treatment because other treatments have failed, when you call to make your appointment, please indicate that you are specifically interested in this consultation.

What is Chiropractic?

• About Chiropractic
• Why does Chiropractic work?
• Conditions treated with Chiropractic
• Your First Visit
• Your Follow-Up Visit
• The Chiropractic Oath

About Chiropractic
Chiropractic is the largest natural primary health care profession in the world. It is the art, science, and philosophy of realigning vertebrae (bones) that are out of alignment in the spine to restore function in the nervous system (nerves).

The human body is controlled by nerves. Everything (circulation, breathing, etc.) is under the direction of this unbelievably complicated system. If the impulses of this network are transmitted normally to and from the brain without interference, the body will be at its optimum and able to ward off disease to the best of its ability.

If these impulses are stopped or interfered with, the area dependent upon them will malfunction and/or become diseased. When a vertebra in your spine becomes misaligned (subluxated), it can cause nerve interference.

Chiropractic is the only profession that utilizes gentle spinal alignments to remove nerve interference so that the body can heal itself.

Chiropractors focus on the spine and the nervous system to correct problems throughout the body. Although my practice is principally focused on muscle, bone (spine, neck, lower back) and nerve pain, many patients relate to other problems and are relieved due to chiropractic treatment. This may be due to pressure removed from the nerve by the movement of the bone off of the nerve. Most chiropractors, like Dr. Semente, a chiropractor near Smithtown, NY. believe this to be true.

Why Does Chiropractic Adjustment Work?

The nervous system controls and coordinates all the functions of your organs. It is connected to every organ, tissue, and cell in your entire body. When you feel hot or cold, feel a feather running across your arm, feel someone pinching your cheek, it is the nervous system working. When you take a drink, it is the nervous system that allows you to move your arm up and down and gives you the ability to taste what you are drinking. The organs could not function without the nervous system.

The nervous system is controlled by the brain. The brain tells your nerves how to function. The brain communicates with the spinal nerves through the spinal cord. The nerves pass through the vertebra or spinal bones through a little hole. The autonomic nervous system is responsible for the functioning of the organs. This system communicates by nerves that run on top of the spinal column and join with nerves that go to the various organs (and glands). If the nerve gets interfered with in any way, (i.e. subluxation, muscle spasm on a nerve, severing nerve), the organ, tissue or cell most likely will have a decreased function.

The lack of function may be imperceptible to the conscious mind. Or you may experience a symptom such as numbing, tingling, or pain. When the nervous system is interfered with, it reduces the body’s natural healing process. Removing the interference to the nervous system is the job of the Chiropractor. By removing this blockage, not only does the pain usually subside, but functions such as range of motion of your neck, lower back and pelvis improve. Decreased headaches, migraines, cervical tension headache, numbness and tingling in the arms and legs and muscle cramping are relieved. This process is called an adjustment. Although this office does not treat associated problems such as asthma, menstrual cramps or irritable bowel disorders, as a consequence of treatment to the spine, patients commonly observe that these symptoms may improve.

This is the heart of chiropractic, the art of Adjustment. Dr. Semente, a chiropractor near Smithtown, NY will apply a gentle force to the spine that unlocks the vertebrae (bone) that is out of alignment. Once the vertebrae are in alignment, the body can restore its normal nerve function. Your doctor of chiropractic has gone through four academic years of chiropractic training, after undergraduate college, to learn human anatomy, physiology, and radiology in depth. All for the sole purpose of learning how, when, why, and where to apply that gentle force called Chiropractic Adjustment, and to help you, the patient, prevent your subluxation from recurring.

Your First Visit
Welcome to the office of  Dr. Semente, a chiropractor near Smithtown, NY. On your initial examination you will consulted by Dr. Semente, a chiropractor near Smithtown, NY. He will speak to you at length regarding your past injuries, when your condition first began and whether it has gotten worse over time. He will ask you what medical doctors or physicians you have seen with respect to past treatment. Your past treatment may include other chiropractors who you have seen as well. Questions regarding diagnostic testing in the past will also be of interest. If you have you had an MRI, or blood work that demonstrates certain problems we should be aware of. Do you have a history of motor vehicle accidents or work related injuries that have created problems for you. Do you have any genetic or other family related problems to the back and spine which may predispose you to the problem that you bring to the office. Questions like this are routine during physical examination and are guided by what you say to me.

The physical examination is a standard orthopedic and chiropractic evaluation. It employs routine range of motion evaluation of the neck and low back. Your reflexes will be checked and your blood pressure. Sensory testing of the upper and lower arms, legs and back are performed to find out which nerves might be effected. We will measure muscle strength to see what muscles might be weak and if they are weak they might be related to a pinched nerve in your neck or back. We will check your vascular flow in the neck, low back and arms to see if there might be a reason for your problems due to abnormal blood flow.

After physical examination by Dr. Semente, a chiropractor near Smithtown, NY, he may, or may not x-ray you depending on what the examination and consultation demonstrates. However, if you need an x-ray we can do it in the office and we will proceed to tell you what the x-ray might show for the condition you present.

Your Follow-Up Visit
Your next visit to the office of Dr. Raymond A. Semente, a chiropractor near Smithtown, NY, will be a report of your physical findings and we will sit down and show you your x-rays. We will show you the area and/or areas of the spine that are producing your pain. We will tell you whether these are referring pain in your arms or legs. The cause of your condition should start to become clear. At that time we may discuss additional diagnostic testing such as MRIs, CT Scans or Computerized Range of Motion (DMG-muscle testing by computer) or Electrodiagnostic testing.



Many of these services can be performed in the office and some, such as MRI and CT Scan must be referred. Not all patients need this testing, but when they do, it is a full-service office that gives you the opportunity to have these evaluations, when appropriate and necessary. Lastly, patients sometimes require full management. Your condition maybe so severe they require not only medication but also conservative chiropractic treatment to decompress nerves and painful joints. In this case, the office of Dr. Semente, a chiropractor near Smithtown, NY.  refers to orthopedists, neurologists, and any other medical specialty that will help you get well, along with our care.

It is our experience, however, that many patients have already had medical referrals before they come in and are ready to begin chiropractic care to become well.

Spinal Decompression therapy
The office of Dr. Raymond A. Semente, a chiropractor near Smithtown, NY offers spinal decompression therapy. This is used to treat Herniated and Bulging  Discs, Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica and Pinched nerves in the neck and Lumbar Spine. Failed Low Back Surgery cases can also respond to treatment and the treatment may or may not be combined with medical treatments, depending on the patient’s clinical presentation and cases specific needs. The treatment has a very high success rate and patients experience a great degree of post-treatment satisfaction. Pain treatment centers often refer to the office for this  excellent treatment option.
Specific time slots for this treatment are necessary and MRI review is generally necessary prior to treatment. If you plan to use this treatment please  bring your MRI of the cervical or lumbar spine at Consult.  If one has not been obtained, particularly if other treatment modalities have not completely  worked to your satisfaction , we will order the study for you.
When you make your appointment with Dr. Semente, a chiropractor near Smithtown, NY., please tell the receptionist, or in your email to us that Spinal Decompression Therapy is the reason for Consult.
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