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Workers’ compensation is a state-mandated insurance program that provides benefits to employees who get injured while completing an activity for their employer or company. Compensation includes cash benefits and medical care for workers who become injured. Compensation pays for both hospital and medical bills that are needed to treat your injury. You can also receive disability payments while you are not able to work. Our chiropractor near Nesconset, Dr. Raymond Semente, can help treat your conditions and get you back to optimal health.


If you are able to return to work but not a position that equaled your old salary, workers’ compensation can pay up to two-thirds of the difference. Dr. Raymond Semente, our chiropractor near Nesconset, can restore you to your normal function to avoid you from losing your old salary.


Every state has its own laws and programs related to its workers’ compensation insurance program. As long as an injury is job specific it can be covered under workers’ compensation. Our chiropractor near Nesconset knows the best techniques to get you back to work. Work-related injuries are considered to be arising out of employment and occurring during the course of employment. Some accident injuries that are covered are listed below:


  • Slips and falls in the office
  • Running errands for your boss
  • Company sponsored events
  • Company travel
  • Driving a company vehicle
  • Repetitive injuries
  • Stress injuries


Common injuries a chiropractor near Nesconset can help with that happen in the workplace include but are not limited to:


  • Broken bones
  • Back pain or strain
  • Neck pain
  • Body contusions
  • Head injuries
  • Skin burns


These injuries normally occur from one of the above activities listed as a workplace injury. These injuries can be treated by our chiropractor near Nesconset to get you back to work. If you or someone you know has been hurt on the job and can benefit from help from a chiropractor near Nesconset, please contact us today.