What Is Spinal Decompression

Over 16 million adults in the United States alone suffer from persistent back pain. Dealing with this pain daily can cause havoc in your life, as completing tasks can become increasingly difficult as each day goes by. If you haven’t been able to find relief for your back pain, consider turning to our chiropractor, Dr. Raymond Semente, for help. He can perform spinal decompression in St. James to alleviate your pain and get your life back on track.


What Is Spinal Decompression?

As a chiropractor, Dr. Raymond Semente specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions causing back pain. One of the most common forms of treatment for these conditions is spinal decompression. Spinal decompression is a traction therapy used to re-align and relieve pressure on the spine. It is done by gently stretching out this area, which takes pressure of the spinal disks that are causing pain.  


How It Is Done 

When visiting Dr. Raymond Semente for spinal decompression in St. James, you can expect a painless form of treatment. It is a low-risk procedure used as an alternative to surgery or pain medication. During this treatment, you will lie on a traction table with one harness placed around your pelvis, and another around your trunk. Once the harnesses are in place, the lower half of the table will move back and forth, allowing for the spine to be stretched out. 


Conditions Spinal Decompression Can Treat  

If you’re looking to avoid treatment methods for your back pain that hold potential complications, spinal decompression therapy can be a great fit. Dr. Raymond Semente has used this method to help several patients increase their quality of life. Conditions that spinal decompression in St. James has been proven effective in treating include:

  • Herniated disks.
  • Degenerative disk disease.
  • Damaged nerve roots.
  • Sciatica.

Dealing with chronic or persistent back pain can be a nightmare. When various treatment methods have failed to improve your condition, it only makes matters worse. Dr. Raymond Semente, our resident chiropractor, knows how difficult this is, which is why he wants to help. He will administer spinal decompression in St. James to get you back to living a pain-free life. To learn more about this treatment and how it can benefit you, be sure to contact our team today! 

How Can Massage Therapy Help Arthritis

Massages are often used by many as a way to ease tension and relax. However, some fail to realize that massages can also be used to treat and manage various medical conditions! According to the American Massage Therapy Association, 42% of people who received a massage in the year 2017 did so for medical reasons as opposed to leisure. Dr. Raymond Semente, our chiropractor near Smithtown, knows the benefits massage therapy can bring. If you’re living with arthritis, he can perform massage therapy as a means of managing your condition, allowing you to increase your quality of life.


Symptoms Of Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that affects your joints. There are many types of arthritis, each causing damage to your joints in different ways. Osteoarthritis causes your cartilage to break down, while rheumatoid arthritis causes your immune system to attack your joints. No matter the reason for the damage, the most common symptoms associated with arthritis your joints will face include:

  • Pain.
  • Reduced range of motion.
  • Stiffness.
  • Redness.
  • Tenderness to the touch.


Common Conditions Treated By Our Chiropractor Near Smithtown

Dr. Raymond Semente is well versed in treating medical conditions such as arthritis, plus related ones as well. Some of the most common ones massage therapy can help with include:

  • Back pain.
  • Fibromyalgia.
  • Hand arthritis.
  • Knee osteoarthritis.


How Massage Therapy Will Help

Those dealing with any or all of the previously listed symptoms will attest to how difficult they make everyday life. Fortunately, our chiropractor near Smithtown will be able to help. Massage therapy is effective in helping those battling arthritis reduce pain and increase their quality of life. The following are examples of how this form of treatment will help:

  • Decreasing the release of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Lowering your blood pressure.
  • Limit the levels of inflammatory cytokines that can damage joints.
  • Increase the likelihood of receiving a more restful night sleep, which will reduce pain.   


Dr. Raymond Semente

When conditions such as arthritis begin to hinder your quality of life, turning to Dr. Raymond Semente can be the answer.  As our chiropractor near Smithtown, he has administered chiropractic care to the benefit of many patients. Massage therapy is just one aspect of chiropractic care and has been proven effective in managing a variety of medical conditions, including arthritis.  If you’re ready to get back to being pain-free, contact us today to schedule an appointment for massage therapy! 

Can Acupuncture Help With Back Pain

For patients dealing with back pain, sometimes traditional forms of treatment are not enough.  When constant trips to your primary physician have not yielded the desired results, consider putting your treatment in the hands of Dr. Raymond Semente, our resident chiropractor. For patients dealing with chronic back pain, Dr. Raymond Semente can administer Acupuncture Near Smithtown, a form of Chinese medicine that has been practiced for over 2500 years, to relieve them of their pain.


What Is Acupuncture 

Acupuncture is a practice that consists of inserting thin needles into specific acupressure points in the body.  In the earliest days of this treatment method, practitioners believed that acupuncture promotes the flow of energy known as “qi” throughout the body, which is useful in treating injuries.  However, recent practitioners believe the healing effects of acupuncture come from the stimulation of nerves in the central nervous system.  


How Acupuncture Near Smithtown Helps With Back Pain 

During your session of acupuncture near Smithtown, Dr. Raymond Semente will determine where in the skin the needles should be inserted that will allow you to reap the most benefits.  As previously stated, the goal of this session of acupuncture near Smithtown will be to stimulate the nerves of your central nervous system. This stimulation will promote the release of the body’s natural pain-killing hormones, allowing you to find the relief you desperately need.  Other ways acupuncture will help with back pain include:

  • Release neurotransmitters that stimulate or dampen nerve impulses.
  • Increase circulation to the injured areas of your back.
  • Trigger the release of other various natural chemicals to promote a sense of well-being.


Benefits Choosing Acupuncture

One of the obvious benefits of receiving acupuncture in Smithtown will be the relief of your back pain.  However, when compared to other forms of treatment, acupuncture has more benefits to offer as well. This form of treatment has very few risks associated with it.  It is a relatively painless procedure and can manage back pain naturally without the use of potentially addictive medication. It is also much less invasive than surgery, even though needles are involved.    

When choosing acupuncture to treat your back pain, the number of sessions needed to treatment will differ on a case to case basis.  Some patients will need one to two treatments a week for several months. Other patients may only need a minimal number of sessions spread out over a few weeks.  Dr. Raymond Semente will make a full evaluation of your back, and determine the amount of sessions that will work best for you. To learn more about acupuncture in Smithtown or schedule a session, call us at 631-584-7722 or contact us online today!

Trigger Point Injections For Fibromyalgia

Depending on your medical condition, traditional methods of treatment may not be enough. For some people, fibromyalgia can be one of these conditions. Chronic pain and fatigue can have patients unsure of where to turn or what to do. If you find yourself in this position, look no further than Dr. Raymond Semente. Through the use of trigger point injections on Long Island, he can help relieve your symptoms as well as vastly improving your quality of life.


What Is Fibromyalgia?

One of the most common conditions affecting the bones and muscles happens to be Fibromyalgia. Although there is currently no cure for this condition, a healthy and active lifestyle can still be achieved through proper management. By allowing Dr. Raymond Semente to perform trigger point injections on Long Island, the following symptoms will be kept at bay:

  • Pain, burning, tightness, or twitching in the muscles.
  • High levels of fatigue.
  • Feelings of anxiety or depression.
  • Difficulty focusing. 
  • Experiencing low pain threshold.


Trigger Point Injections On Long Island:

Trigger points are specific areas of muscle that can cause musculoskeletal pain when they become stimulated or irritated. Trigger point injections are done in these specific areas.  Typically, pain relief medication is administered by these injections. However, sometimes simply injecting the needle with a simple saline solution is enough to manage your discomfort.


How Frequently Are They Needed?

In an ideal case, only one set of trigger point injections on Long Island will be needed to manage your fibromyalgia. However, since there is no true cure for this condition, you will most likely need to receive numerous injections to achieve optimal results. The frequency of injections will depend on the medicine you receive and the severity of your symptoms. Dr. Raymond Semente will be able to determine how often you’ll need to come in for injections, and help you get back to being pain-free. 


Dr. Raymond Semente: 

When it comes to trigger point injections on Long Island, Dr. Raymond Semente is an expert. With the use of this and other chiropractic services, he’s been able to help many patients find relief from their symptoms. To learn more about how these injects or other forms of chiropractic care can help you, make sure to contact us today!   

Nonsurgical Treatments for Herniated Discs

The spine is made up of vertebrae which are cushioned and separated by tiny rubber-like discs. When overworked, these discs can slip out of place or rupture, causing excruciating pain. Back pain is common but many avoid seeking assistance in fear their condition may need surgery. Justifiably so, back surgery can take many months to fully recover from. However, many back injuries and conditions, including herniated discs, offer nonsurgical methods of treatment to alleviate symptoms. St. James chiropractor Dr. Raymond Semente a St. James Chiropractor alleviates back pain stemming from herniated discs through spinal adjustments and other nonsurgical means. Chiropractic care has proven to aid herniated disc pain, by moving the disc away from the nerve it’s irritating, which then reduces inflammation. Not only is chiropractic care nonsurgical, but it offers drug-free pain relief as well.


Chiropractic Care For Herniated Disk

A St. James Chiropractor can offer you relief from your herniated disk pain and potentially serve as an alternative to having to go through surgery or taking medications! During your first visit for a herniated disk, a St. James chiropractor will assess your injury and see if there is any loss of strength or feeling in the affected area. This will help determine the severity of your injury and your discomfort. After diagnosing your complication and determining that you are indeed suffering from a herniated disk, a chiropractor will ascertain the best means of treatment to alleviate you of your symptoms. Some treatment options from our St. James Chiropractor may include a few of the following: 


  • Flexion-Distraction Technique – This involves the use of a specialized table that allows a chiropractor to isolate the affected area while also helping to stretch your spine and back. This treatment can help improve symptoms of herniated disks as well as improve disk height. 


  • Pelvic Blocking Technique– A chiropractor uses cushioned wedges on either side of your pelvis. Light exercises may also be performed to help change the mechanics of your hips, helping to relieve the tension on your disks. 


Nonsurgical Treatments:

Outside of spinal manipulation, here are some other ways to relieve herniated disc pain without surgery.


  • Medication – Anti-inflammatory medication can be taken to reduce the swelling of your discs and the surrounding area. Muscle relaxants may be prescribed to help calm the muscles in pain, especially if you are experiencing spasms of any kind. 
  • Acupuncture – Tiny needles inserted into various points around the body help to release endorphins and other natural pain-killers in order to heal a variety of ailments.
  • Massage Therapy – Increases blood flow and relaxes the surrounding muscles. Like acupuncture, it is proven to release the body’s natural pain relievers (endorphins).


Herniated discs don’t always need surgery and they don’t need to keep you from doing what you love any longer. Dr. Raymond Semente is an experienced St. James chiropractor who is determined to get you the treatment you need. To give his patients the most innovative up-to-date technology when they visit, Dr. Semente offers Autotrax Spinal Decompression Therapy to pinpoint individual discs for decompression and pain relief.

St. James Chiropractor

If you’re looking for a St. James chiropractor, contact Dr. Raymond Semente to find out more about how chiropractic care can help with herniated discs. Discover more ways that Dr. Semente makes pain relief without surgery possible. Schedule an appointment today!

Can Acupuncture Help With My Pinched Nerve?

Acupuncture is a medical practice that involves stimulating multiple points on the body with a needle to alleviate pain or treat various medical conditions. Acupuncture creates blood flow to restore nerve damage caused by a pinched nerve. It works by stimulating certain areas of the body that have blocked energy. The placement of the needles is meant to unblock the pathway for this energy to flow. There are many benefits to this medical practice, and acupuncture near Smithtown could be a perfect option for you.


Pinched Nerves:


A pinched nerve occurs when there is an intense amount of pressure or swelling on a nerve creating sharp pains and discomfort. The most vulnerable places for pinched nerves are your ligaments, tendons, and bones. Nerves have to travel through small spaces, however, in your ligaments, tendons, and bones, these areas have little soft tissue to protect them. If one of these spaces shrinks, it can squeeze the nerve root and cause symptoms in the area served by the nerve. When high amounts of pressure are placed on a nerve it can create problems for someone’s everyday life. The symptoms of a pinched nerve are:


  • Numbness in the area supplied by the nerve.
  • Sharp, aching, or burning pain.
  • Pins and needles sensation.
  • Loss of muscles strength near the nerve 


There are a variety of methods for treating a pinched nerve, but a chiropractor who specializes in acupuncture near Smithtown can help treat this condition in addition to many other health problems. Age-related degenerative changes in the spine caused by seventy to ninety percent of all pinched nerve cases. 


What Should You Do?


Do not leave your pinched nerve untreated. The pressure from the nerve could cause chronic pain and even potentially permanent nerve damage. If you have a pinched nerve, be sure to: 

  • Get extra sleep and rest – The body repairs itself during sleep and will allow you to reduce the symptoms faster.
  • Change your posture – Standing or sitting with poor posture will put unnecessary stress on the body, which could damage the spine and muscles.
  • Stretch – Relieves tension and pressure on the affected area.
  • Change your lifestyle – Adding low-impact exercise to your daily routine will help reduce your symptoms and keep you in shape.

Acupuncture Near Smithtown

Acupuncture is a very safe, drug-free, generally painless, major pain relief option. Dr. Raymond Semente can diagnose your pinched nerve and will provide you with some of the best possible acupuncture near Smithtown. Contact him today at 631-584-7722, or on his website!

What are Chiropractic adjustments?

If you have seen a chiropractor for any back or spine problems, you know that it can be a hands-on process. A chiropractor will often use chiropractic adjustments, or spinal adjustments, to help treat you. Chiropractic adjustments are when a chiropractor applies sudden and controlled pressure to different parts of your spine to realign it, increase mobility, and regain movement and function. Chiropractic adjustments offer a lot of benefits, especially if you have been dealing with spinal issues. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Smithtown to help you with your back pains and issues, contact us a Chiropractor in Smithtown and see how we can help.


Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are mostly used to help relieve pain, fix bad posture issues, or increase mobility. However, Chiropractic can offer many other benefits you may not know about. If you want to meet with a chiropractor in Smithtown to see how chiropractic care can help you, reach out to Dr. Raymond Semente and learn more! Some of these benefits include:

    • Improved Joint Health– Adjustments can loosen tight muscles and provide strength to weaker ones. They can also help work against the degeneration of joint and connective tissues. 
    • Improves Circulation- By returning your body to more normal positions, your blood flow and circulation can be improved. This had the added benefit of speeding up recovery in your body.
    • Treats Pain- Chiropractic adjustments can help manage back pain and neck pain. By readjusting your spine your body will have less pinched nerves, normal disc, and spine posture and function, and increased flow within your spine and nervous system. By restoring things to a healthy position, pain in many areas can be treated and reduced.
    • Helps treat Sciatica- Sciatica is caused by your sciatic nerve in your lower back. Chiropractic adjustments can help reduce pain and treat what is causing this nerve to experience the stress causing your Sciatica. 
    • Helps treat many spine and nerve-related problems- Many conditions caused by issues from the spine and nervous system can be treated or improved with chiropractic adjustments. Some of these conditions include Frozen shoulder, Cervicogenic headaches, herniated discs, and Subluxation.


Chiropractic adjustments can be used to help with all kinds of issues and conditions, from spine complications to pain anywhere in the body if it stems from your nervous system. To speak with a chiropractor in Smithtown and see how you can benefit from chiropractic, contact us at Dr. Raymond Semente today!

What is a Subluxation?

Are you experiencing pain and discomfort from your back and spine? Have you recently had a traumatic injury or accident that left you feeling stiff? You may be suffering from subluxation. Subluxation is an abnormal separation of the articular surfaces of the joint that irritates or creates pressure on spinal nerves. When the nerves in your spine are being irritated or have a lot of pressure on them, it can cause them to not function properly creating issues between nerves and making them unable to send signals properly. Some parts of your body will not be functioning properly when this occurs because your body will not be receiving the proper nerve messages. If you are experiencing pains caused by subluxation or any other spine or joint issues Dr. Raymond Semente, a chiropractor near Smithtown can help relieve you of your discomfort. 


What Causes Subluxation?

  • Car accidents.
  • Bad posture.
  • Improper lifting.
  • Emotional stress.

Chiropractors are professionals who have had years of training to correct issues like subluxations. It is their responsibility to locate, reduce, or correct them. This is done through various chiropractic adjustments designed to correct the vertebral subluxations in the spine. Chiropractors have known about subluxations and their dangers for over 100 years. To function properly our nervous system needs there to be clear pathways to send signals across your body. You can see Dr. Semente, a chiropractor near Smithtown, to receive treatment for your subluxation issues.


The Health Benefits of Correcting Subluxations:

  • Deterioration of the spine is prevented.
  • It helps to restore nerve energy to the body.
  • It prevents nerve interference.


Our Chiropractor near Smithtown Can Help You!

Dr. Semente and his experienced staff are ready to help you with any neck, spinal, or joint issues you may be experiencing. He has the expertise to properly diagnose and treat your ailments and relieve you of discomfort and pain. If you find yourself constantly cracking your neck or back, it may be time to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor near Smithtown. Dr. Semente can perform a spinal readjustment to help alleviate tension and remove imperfections in the way your joints are moving. If you or a loved one require chiropractic care, call us today at 631-584-7722 or make an appointment online!

Chiropractic Care After A Car Accident

Nobody ever wants to be involved in a situation as frightening as a car accident. The pain that you may experience as a result of an accident can be unbearable and it may even diminish your quality of life. Dr. Semente, a chiropractor in St. James, can help correct this issue. By providing top quality chiropractic care, you can be sure that your pain will be effectively managed and treated. 


What Is Chiropractic Care?

After being in a car accident, there may be lingering injuries that you have begun to experience. Before determining if chiropractic care is the best option to treat your injuries, you need to know what this practice entails. The main goal of Dr. Semente, a chiropractor in St. James, is to ensure your body is in proper alignment. When there are spinal or other alignment issues, this leads to the pain and discomfort that you are feeling. By returning your body to proper alignment, healing of injuries can occur without the need for medication, surgery, or other treatment methods.


Injuries After A Car Accident:

There are a variety of injuries that can occur in a car accident, all depending on the severity of the crash. Broken bones and bruises are often common. You may also suffer from lower back pain, making it very difficult to move around. Whiplash is also an injury frequently associated with car accidents. If you have been in an accident, you could be at risk for this type of injury. Though it’s not necessarily life-threatening, whiplash should be taken care of to help alleviate some of the pain you’re experiencing. Other symptoms of whiplash you may suffer from can include the following:

  • Neck stiffness.
  • Limited range of motion in your neck.
  • Headaches.
  • Tingling or numbness in the arm.  
  • Dizziness.


Spinal Manipulation with a Chiropractor in St. James:

If you have been in a car accident, Dr. Semente can provide treatment for your injuries through a variety of techniques. Being a chiropractor in St. James, he may use spinal manipulation as a means of alleviating your pain. This process involves applying forces of pressure along your back and spine to realign the affected area after the car accident. Many times, you may hear a large popping sound during treatment as the bulging areas are forced back into the correct positioning. One session will usually not be enough, as a few weeks of treatment is typically necessary to have the fully intended effect. One study showed that after 6 weeks of sessions, over 70% of patients experienced reductions of pain. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive form of treatment with limited complications when performed by a specialist, so be sure to contact Dr. Semente if you’ve been injured after a car accident.

Being in a car accident can be a traumatic experience. Trying to live with injuries that took place as a result of this incident can make matters even worse. If you’ve been experiencing neck or back pain after your accident, chiropractic care could be the answer.  Dr. Semente, a chiropractor in St. James, has the knowledge and experience to put you back on the path to a pain-free life. If you’d like to learn more about how chiropractic care can help you, don’t hesitate to reach out!

What Are the Benefits of Acupuncture?

What is Acupuncture?

Do you find yourself dealing with chronic pains? You may need to receive Acupuncture in St. James from Dr. Raymond Semente.  Acupuncture is recognized as a holistic approach to treating a wide variety of conditions. The process of performing acupuncture consists of very thin needles being inserted into the skin at specific locations on the body. Acupuncture is relatively painless, with minimal risks and side effects. You may feel a slight stinging sensation when the needle is first inserted, but you also may feel nothing at all as the needles are extremely thin. The main purpose of acupuncture is to activate the body’s self-healing mechanism, rather than using medications that may be unnecessary and bring about unwanted side effects. It is used as a more natural form of treating many different conditions and ailments. However, here at the office of Dr. Raymond Semente, we focus on utilizing acupuncture for treating chronic pain. If you are looking for acupuncture in St. James for your chronic pain, reach out to us today! 


What are the benefits? 


Acupuncture works to relieve the stress and discomfort associated with a wide variety of conditions and illnesses. Among the many conditions that can benefit from acupuncture treatments are:


Chronic Pain: Acupuncture has been shown to greatly reduce chronic pain in many patients. Specifically, it has been shown to have positive effects on shoulder pain, migraines, back and neck pain, and osteoarthritis. 


Fertility: Acupuncture works to relieve the stress experienced by women trying to get pregnant and undergoing fertility treatments. Additionally, it promotes blood flow to the uterus, creating more access to eggs, working to increase the likelihood of getting pregnant. 


Cancer: For cancer patients, acupuncture can be paired with normal chemotherapy or radiation treatments to lessen the negative effects and discomfort often associated with these treatment methods.


Menstrual Cramps: For women who suffer from extremely painful periods, acupuncture is beneficial in relieving some of the pain brought on by cramps.


Although acupuncture has been proven to be beneficial in many cases, it may not be for everyone. Some may feel energized or relaxed following an acupuncture treatment, while others may feel no changes at all. If you do not see any relief for your pain or other symptoms within a couple of weeks, acupuncture may not be the treatment for you.


Contact Us Today!


If you are suffering from chronic pain and are looking for a more natural, holistic treatment method, our acupuncture in St. James may be exactly what you need! At the office of Dr. Raymond Semente, our highly trained and skilled staff is ready to provide you with acupuncture treatments to help relieve your pain and reduce your discomfort. Contact our office for acupuncture in St. James today!