Chiropractic Care for Baseball Players

Chiropractic Care for Baseball Players

What is chiropractic? Chiropractic care is the most common natural primary health care profession in the world. It is the philosophy, art, and science of realigning vertebrae that are misaligned. This form of medicine allows the nervous system to restore function. 


Let’s face it, playing baseball is a long and tedious grind. Teams and players are seeking new ways to speed up the recovery process and locate ways to enhance their performance to gain an edge on their opponents. Dr. Semente, a chiropractor in St. James, is a great option for players on Long Island. His expertise and attention to detail will give players an extreme advantage to recover, recuperate and gives them an unparalleled chance to be the best player they possibly can. Baseball players should seriously consider seeing a chiropractor early on in their baseball endeavors for many reasons. These reasons include: 


  • Faster recovery times
  • Reducing the risk of injuries
  • To address shoulder, back, and hip tightness and inflammation 
  • Enhance game time execution
  • To relieve stress


Chiropractic care has been embraced by many professional sports organizations and teams are using the medical practice to enhance what their players are able to do on the field. The distress and physical demand that comes with being a baseball player inevitably take a toll on the body. In seeing a chiropractor, players will feel looser, more ready to play, and have more confidence knowing their body is ready for action. 

Care For All Ages

The practice of chiropractic medicine is not limited to any age group. While chiropractic care has risen to the scene in the past 20 years joining MLB training staffs, the practice is beginning to be used by young athletes as well. As a young athlete, the game of baseball can be grueling on the body and it is never too early to set yourself up for success. Approaches such as joint manipulation, electrical stimulation, and spinal realigning provide a sense of recovery that only leaves room to reach the goal of being a high performing athlete. 

The 1st Step to Becoming a Better Baseball player 

If you are looking to open eyes this season, give Dr. Semente a call. His chiropractic office in St. James is the first step to becoming a complete baseball player and avoiding injury. Dr. Semente offers affordable pricing for chiropractic care and is a doctor who puts the patients best interest forward. Allow him to be your answer to not only becoming a healthier player but becoming a better team. Don’t strike out on this pitch right down the middle; contact us today! 

Acupuncture Treatment for Your Allergies

Acupuncture Treatment for Your Allergies

Have you been battling allergies? Well, acupuncture may be the right solution for you! The Chinese medical practice of acupuncture has been used for years to treat a wide range of health problems, including allergies. Not only does it help to immediately treat symptoms of allergies such as puffy eyes and sneezing, but it helps to promote less-pronounced symptoms in the months to come. If you have been suffering from seasonal allergies and are looking for some relief, contact Dr. Semente for the best acupuncture in St. James.

What are allergies?

Allergies are essentially an immune response to a foreign substance that is not typically dangerous to the human body. These foreign substances are commonly referred to as allergens. Allergens can be present in various foods, pet dander, plants, or pollen. Those who suffer from allergies means that their body is perceiving these foreign substances as harmful to the body. As a response, the immune system will kick into gear and attack the allergens. This will then cause various symptoms to occur.

What are the common signs and symptoms?

The signs and symptoms an individual may be experiencing are all relative to the type of allergy they have and the severity of it. Some of the most common signs and symptoms of seasonal allergies include:

  • Watery eyes
  • Itchy or burning eyes
  • Running nose
  • Coughing


How acupuncture can help treat them?

The effects acupuncture has on allergies has been tested in multiple different studies and the results have all been consistent. It has shown that it does, indeed, provide relief of allergy symptoms. Those who have taken to acupuncture for allergy relief have reported experiencing fewer symptoms such as coughing and sneezing post-treatment and even in the months following.

Acupuncture in St. James

If you are tired of dealing with your seasonal allergy symptoms and are looking for some relief, try out our acupuncture in St. James with Dr. Semente. Our well-qualified acupuncturist is experienced in treating patients with a wide range of health issues including allergies. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and see for yourself how acupuncture can give you the relief you’ve been searching for.

Symptoms of Whiplash

Symptoms of Whiplash

Whiplash is typically caused by a sudden distortion of the neck, often as a result of a traumatic incident such as a car accident. The injury can occur in any direction, often resulting in discomfort. Whiplash can also occur from playing different kinds of contact sports. Football is a primary cause of whiplash since it results in high impact collisions between oncoming defenders and the ball carrier. However, car accidents are the number one cause of whiplash in the majority of cases. Even small fender benders can cause your neck to move in odd directions, creating long-lasting discomfort. In other rare cases, amusement park rides can also cause this type of injury. During these instances, the ligaments in the neck are strained and become unstable.

Dr. Semente, our chiropractor in Nesconset, can help with any pain you are experiencing and answer any questions that you may have developed. Whiplash can be very painful and the discomfort usually worsens within 12-24 hours from the sprain. The next day you will likely experience a lot of neck stiffness and pain. People who have whiplash may experience:

    • Migraine headaches – This is due to the injury of the neck.
    • Difficulty moving the neck and the lack of flexibility in the neck – Can’t look right to left without having any pain.
    • Tenderness and pain on the back of the neck.
    • Lower-back pain.


  • Feeling dizzy when standing and having numbness or pain in your neck (pins and needles feeling).


  • Vertigo and spinning sensations.

Less common symptoms of whiplash include having a hard time concentrating, memory loss, and being very irritable.

A medical professional may have you do an MRI, X-ray, or CT-scan to see if it is just whiplash or if it is another complication. Treatment can include exercise with repetitive movements that will help build back your muscle and instability. Only start this when the pain has been reduced. Start off with light exercise to the neck to get movement back. Depending on how severe the whiplash is, it can take up to 1-4 weeks to fully recover.

Contact Us

By reaching out to our chiropractor near Nesconset, Dr. Semente can provide treatments that will help aid your whiplash symptoms. Contact his office today for further information.

Avoiding Injury for Basketball

Avoiding Injury for Basketball

As the season of March Madness is winding down, it is important to take into account the risk of injury for basketball players. As the games get more competitive, the injuries at risk get worse. It is important to play safely in order to avoid potential injuries that can negatively affect you for life. Our chiropractor near Nesconset, Dr. Raymond Semente, can help you with your recovery if you’ve been injured playing basketball.


Commonly Experienced Injuries

Among the most common injuries experienced by basketball players are:

  • Knee injuries – a torn ligament or ACL is possible when playing basketball. However, sprains and strains are much more common in the sport.
  • Hand and wrist injuries – although only about 11 percent of basketball-related injuries occur in this area, it is still important to be aware of it. Sprains, strains, and broken/fractured bones are among potential hand injuries.
  • Head and face injuries – these injuries can be a result of bumping heads or taking an elbow, arm, or ball to the face while playing. Extreme cases can lead to a concussion or other head problems.
  • Hip and thigh injuries – large amounts of strain are placed on the thighs and hips when playing basketball. Running, pivoting, and jumping all contribute to overextension of these areas.
  • Ankle and foot injuries – injuries in these areas are proven to be the most common in basketball. Ankle rolls, getting stepped on, or getting hit can cause these types of injuries.


Preventative Measures

There are many ways to try to prevent injuries from taking you out of the game:

  • To prevent foot/ankle injuries, it is important to make sure you have the right footwear for the sport. A good pair of basketball shoes will provide ankle support and prevent slipping on the court.
  • Stretching is also a good way to avoid injury, especially in the hips and thighs. The more flexible your muscles and tendons are, the less likely you are to overextend them during the game.
  • Hitting the gym to strengthen your muscles can be a key factor for preventing injury. Strength training of the legs and knees can help build support. Or, if you are prone to knee injuries, a knee brace can prove to be helpful.

If you find yourself with constant injuries, it is important to see a chiropractor right away to help get you recovered as quickly as possible. Our chiropractor near Nesconset can help provide you with the care you need so you can get back to playing the game you love.


Contact Us Today!

If you have injured yourself or are experiencing difficulty with movement due to an injury that you got on the court, our chiropractor near Nesconset, Dr. Raymond Semente, can help you. We will set up a regimen for you to help reduce pain and improve movement in the affected area. Don’t let an injury take you out of the game for good. Get the proper care and ensure your future success on and off the court!

How Chiropractic Care Can Treat Your Allergies

How Chiropractic Care Can Treat Your Allergies

Spring has finally sprung! Most of us wait all year for this beautiful change of the seasons that indicates that summer is on its way. However, many of us experience severe allergies with the change of the seasons. The increase in pollen, flowers, grasses, and weeds can lead to an increase of sneezes, coughs, and runny noses for many. Did you know that chiropractic care has been shown to reduce allergy symptoms?  Dr. Raymond Semente, our leading chiropractor near Smithtown, can treat a variety of bodily conditions.

What many people who suffer from severe allergies aren’t aware of is that an excess amount of over-the-counter medication is not always the answer. We can provide you a holistic solution to keep your allergies at bay. Because the immune system is so closely associated with the nervous system, allergies can be treated through chiropractic care by helping to regulate and coordinate the body’s reaction to allergens.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

Ways a chiropractor can help treat allergies include:

  • Recommend dietary and lifestyle changes to help target foods or other factors that may be causing allergic reactions.
  • Support the respiratory system by keeping pathways open and strengthening the system to better withstand potential reactions to allergens.
  • Strengthen the immune system by adjusting misalignments in the spine/neck that can disrupt the brain’s communication with the body. A chiropractor can manipulate joints and tissues to realign the body and re-open blocked pathways between the spine and the brain.
  • Use spine realignment to help regulate the body’s production of cortisol and strengthen the adrenal glands.

A chiropractor can help to put an end to your suffering created by allergies. Enjoy the spring and let our chiropractor near Smithtown determine what treatment option is right for you. Dr. Raymond Semente and his team will assess your symptoms and create a course of action to get you the allergy relief you need. Contact our office today and stop suffering this season!

What’s Causing My Back Spasms?

What’s Causing My Back Spasms?


Are you experiencing back spasms and don’t know why? Your back spasms could be caused by strains from a simple activity, or it could be a sign of a more serious issue. If you have been suffering from back spasms, do not ignore the pain. Contact our chiropractor near Nesconset for professional medical input.


A back spasm can be defined as a sudden, involuntary contraction of the muscles in the back that occurs near the spinal cord. Your back will normally contract involuntarily as a reaction to a strain or overuse of a muscle that can be related to an injury or a more serious disorder.




Back spasms can be caused by a non-threatening injury that can result from heavy-lifting, strenuous exercise, and/or intense sporting activities. Sports that require the back to twist suddenly such as football or golf can cause back spasms.


If your back spasm does not improve within one to two weeks, this could be a sign of a more serious anatomical issue within your spine. You must seek immediate medical attention from your chiropractor near Nesconset to diagnose your back condition. Medical conditions that could cause back spasms can include but are not limited to:


  • Arthritis – May put pressure on the spinal cord causing pain.


  • Herniated, ruptured, or bulging disc – May press against nerves in the back causing pain and spasms.


  • Spinal stenosis – Compression of the spinal cord due to narrowing of the spinal cord or openings in which nerves cause pressure.


Diagnoses and treatments


Your chiropractor near Nesconset can help to diagnose your back spasms and provide you with an appropriate treatment plan. If your back spasm is caused by a less serious issue such as lifting a heavy object, heat and ice can help to reduce pain and inflammation.


If you are experiencing a more severe back condition that is causing your back spasms, chiropractic care can be an effective treatment option. Chiropractic care can realign vertebrae in the spine and remove nerve interference to eliminate back pain, inflammation, and spasms.


Don’t suffer any further from back spasms. Dr. Semente can assist you in recovering from uncomfortable spasms and help you to prevent them from reoccurring in the future.

Benefits of Acupuncture

Benefits of Acupuncture


Acupuncture is an effective treatment method that has many health benefits. Acupuncture involves inserting small needles into the skin to stimulate nerve pathways of the body. This procedure can relieve a variety of health conditions such as anxiety, depression, migraines, nausea, insomnia, and chronic pain. If you are suffering from one of these conditions, see how our acupuncture in St. James can help.




The placement of the acupuncture needles can determine the impact on the body’s nervous system. The needles cause the nervous system to produce natural painkilling chemicals like serotonin. Acupuncture can also positively stimulate the part of the brain that controls your emotions. This, in turn, can help to reduce anxiety and/or depression without the intake of drugs.


Chronic Pain and Migraines


It has been shown that chronic pain can be treated effectively with acupuncture. This chronic pain usually stems from neck pain, back pain, knee pain, and/or migraine pain.   One theory suggests that the acupuncture needles release positive neurotransmitters such as endorphins and serotonin. These positive neurotransmitters alter the way the brain receives pain.

Acupuncture can be a great alternative to those coping with chronic pain and to those who want to avoid surgery. If you suffer from common types of chronic pain, seek our acupuncture in St. James to relieve your discomfort.




Acupuncture can be beneficial to those who suffer from nausea and vomiting. Nausea and vomiting can be caused by a variety of factors including migraines, allergies, pregnancy, and/or the effects of treatments for cancer such as chemotherapy. If you suffer from nausea due to one of these factors, acupuncture can help treat or prevent your symptoms. Each acupuncture treatment will differ based on each individual’s case. The needles are sometimes inserted into the lower arm and wrist area to relieve nausea.




Acupuncture has been shown to reduce the frequency of insomnia symptoms. This is achieved when acupuncture needles increase the production of a chemical that induces sleep, called nocturnal melatonin. Unlike most sleep medications, acupuncture comes with little to no side effects or risks.

If you are suffering from any of the listed conditions above, reach out to our office and try acupuncture in St. James today. We will help decide which treatment plan will benefit you and relieve your symptoms.

How Can I Treat My Chronic Migraines?

How Can I Treat My Chronic Migraines?

Migraines can bring people immense pain and discomfort.  In addition, a migraine can hold you back from enjoying life or working at your job.  If you are regularly experiencing migraines 15 or more days out of the month, you should see our chiropractor near Smithtown, Dr. Semente, to help deal with your chronic migraines.  


There are a few elements that can trigger chronic migraines.  The following are some causes of migraines:


  • Overeating
  • Asthma
  • Snoring
  • Intense life-changing events
  • Serious injury from the neck above
  • Caffeine
  • Acute medication overuse

Whatever the case may be, you do not have to live with chronic migraines, and there are ways to get rid of it.  Instead of medication, chiropractic care has been used as a way for people to treat their migraine symptoms. If you are looking to alleviate your constant migraines, our chiropractor near Smithtown is the answer you are searching for.

There are a few chiropractic techniques that can relieve your chronic migraine pain.  The techniques that can help include:


  • Spinal manipulation – this involves using different treatment techniques like joint manipulation, massages, and exercise.  With a combination of these techniques, inflammation is diminished as well as joint and nerve function. This will release any built-in pressure you’re feeling in your body.


  • Neuromuscular massages – this isn’t your typical massage; this massage targets trigger points found throughout your head, neck, back, and shoulders.  Neuromuscular massages ease tension in the muscles and nerves that lead to pain in these areas, and it also restores the blood flow.


  • Low-load craniocervical mobilization – Unlike spinal manipulation, this technique focuses on softer forces used in a rhythmic movement on the cervical areas.  Stretching is a big part of this technique as well.

If you feel that medication doesn’t help with your chronic migraines, chiropractic care can be your solution! Next time you are feeling pain from a migraine, do not hesitate to contact our chiropractor near Smithtown to fight off your chronic migraines.

Acupuncture for Pregnancy

Acupuncture for Pregnancy

If you’ve experienced pregnancy, then you understand the unfortunate conditions that can often come during these nine months. Commonly reported issues could include nausea, back pain, pelvic pain, and various other discomforts. Despite all this, you can undergo specific methods for helping to treat these chronic issues. One technique to consider is the benefits of acupuncture near Smithtown! Should you consider pursuing acupuncture, head on over to Dr. Raymond Semente and see what treatment options he can offer to you.    


Depending upon how long you’ve been pregnant, your present conditions could range in their severity. As a quick reminder, a few issues that typically come from pregnancy are:


  • Morning sickness – Acupuncture has been known to reduce the side effects of morning sickness. By performing acupuncture on specific areas (such as the wrists), the chances of conditions such as nausea and vomiting can steadily be decreased.


  • Lower back and pelvic pain – One of the most common conditions treated with the help of acupuncture is pain stemming from the lower half of the body. Acupuncture can help ease the pain in these areas, giving you relief when you need it the most.  


  • Sleep problems – Suppressing your anxiety is often cited as one of the ideal benefits of pursuing acupuncture. This helps in improving your sleeping patterns, and it can even provide you with a sufficient energy boost.


For those who are pregnant and require immediate benefits for their situation, consider the following as unique treatments that acupuncture can provide:


  • Maintaining hormone levels.
  • Acupuncture can ease your muscles, while at the same time improve the chances of the embryo embedding itself.
  • Blood flow to and from the ovaries and uterus are improved.
  • One common cause of infertility is polycystic ovary syndrome. Acupuncture has been known to help combat this complication.   


Whether you need help during pregnancy or support to get pregnant, acupuncture is capable of assisting. Acupuncture near Smithtown can help you during your time of need and give you the relief you’ve been looking for! Contact Dr. Semente’s office today, and let us get you started on your treatment.

Chiropractic for Colder Weather

Chiropractic for Colder Weather

Colder weather can have some negative effects on our health.  Whether it’s the physical or mental aspects that the cold temperatures pose, it’s important to take the preventative steps necessary to avoid injury and any debilitating conditions. Our chiropractor near Smithtown can give you the necessary care and attention you need!