Chiropractic Care for Baseball Players

Chiropractic Care for Baseball Players

What is chiropractic? Chiropractic care is the most common natural primary health care profession in the world. It is the philosophy, art, and science of realigning vertebrae that are misaligned. This form of medicine allows the nervous system to restore function. 


Let’s face it, playing baseball is a long and tedious grind. Teams and players are seeking new ways to speed up the recovery process and locate ways to enhance their performance to gain an edge on their opponents. Dr. Semente, a chiropractor in St. James, is a great option for players on Long Island. His expertise and attention to detail will give players an extreme advantage to recover, recuperate and gives them an unparalleled chance to be the best player they possibly can. Baseball players should seriously consider seeing a chiropractor early on in their baseball endeavors for many reasons. These reasons include: 


  • Faster recovery times
  • Reducing the risk of injuries
  • To address shoulder, back, and hip tightness and inflammation 
  • Enhance game time execution
  • To relieve stress


Chiropractic care has been embraced by many professional sports organizations and teams are using the medical practice to enhance what their players are able to do on the field. The distress and physical demand that comes with being a baseball player inevitably take a toll on the body. In seeing a chiropractor, players will feel looser, more ready to play, and have more confidence knowing their body is ready for action. 

Care For All Ages

The practice of chiropractic medicine is not limited to any age group. While chiropractic care has risen to the scene in the past 20 years joining MLB training staffs, the practice is beginning to be used by young athletes as well. As a young athlete, the game of baseball can be grueling on the body and it is never too early to set yourself up for success. Approaches such as joint manipulation, electrical stimulation, and spinal realigning provide a sense of recovery that only leaves room to reach the goal of being a high performing athlete. 

The 1st Step to Becoming a Better Baseball player 

If you are looking to open eyes this season, give Dr. Semente a call. His chiropractic office in St. James is the first step to becoming a complete baseball player and avoiding injury. Dr. Semente offers affordable pricing for chiropractic care and is a doctor who puts the patients best interest forward. Allow him to be your answer to not only becoming a healthier player but becoming a better team. Don’t strike out on this pitch right down the middle; contact us today!