Chiropractic for Colder Weather

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Chiropractic for Colder Weather

Colder weather can have some negative effects on our health.  Whether it’s the physical or mental aspects that the cold temperatures pose, it’s important to take the preventative steps necessary to avoid injury and any debilitating conditions. Our chiropractor near Smithtown can give you the necessary care and attention you need!

  • Cold weather and joint pain –  The cold weather can bring sore knees, a stiff neck, and rigid shoulders. Soreness occurs because the cold weather affects the synovial fluid which is in every joint of our body.  Seeing a chiropractor can help these joints from getting too stiff.


  • Cold weather and inactivity – This weather also makes a very compelling case to stay inside all day and avoid going into the cold.  This lack of movement can lead to possible weight gain, which leads to more pressure on the joints, possibly resulting in injury.  If your joint pain is getting harder and harder to deal with, our chiropractor near Smithtown can administer different techniques to improve joint function.


  • Depression – Besides physical ailments, the cold weather can also bring some emotional and mental issues like depression.  When this happens, one way of getting out of this funk is seeking out chiropractic care.


If you are trying to prevent the cold from affecting you, here are some tips:  

  • Maintain an active lifestyle – staying active is an excellent way to stay in shape both mentally and physically. Set yourself up with an exercise plan that you can do during the week to give yourself the extra workout you need!


  • Dress warmly – There is a reason why your mother always told you to wear a hat and to bring your jacket before you left your house!  Dressing accordingly for the weather goes a long way in staying warm and comfortable. In addition, dressing warmly can help you avoid getting sick or rundown.


  • Boots – When the weather is truly terrible one of the best ways to deal with it is by getting a great pair of boots.  When it is snowing without end the best way to protect your feet is by wearing a great pair of boots. At the very least when you are cold to the bone you won’t have to worry about your feet


Our chiropractor near Smithtown can administer a variety of different treatments to bring you the pain relief and peace of mind you need. Contact Dr. Semente today and make this winter the best one yet!