Massage Therapy for Back Pain

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Massage Therapy For Back Pain

Massage therapy is a great treatment to use for a multitude of aches and pains, and it doesn’t hurt that it brings relaxation as well. Studies have shown that massage therapy has numerous medical benefits including increased blood flow, increased levels of endorphins (the chemical that makes us feel good), and decreased muscle tension. Certain types of medical practices actually provide massage therapy as a treatment option, including chiropractic offices. For a chiropractor near Smithtown that offers massage therapy for back pain relief, contact Dr. Raymond Semente to make an appointment.

Back Pain Causes

Pain originating from the back can cause problems with your day-to-day activities, resulting in a reduced quality of life. Back pain can be the result of a multitude of different conditions, some include the following:

  • Arthritis
    • Arthritic conditions can wreak havoc on the body, causing joint pain and inflammation. In some cases, arthritis in the back can lead to another painful condition called spinal stenosis- which also contributes to back pain.
  • Sciatica
    • Sciatica may be presented as lower back pain with pain radiating into the buttocks and down the leg.
  • Muscle strain
    • Lifting heavy objects, twisting, and/or poor posture can cause muscle strain in the back. Symptoms of muscle strain are often pain, tension, and soreness.
  • Osteoporosis
    • If you have been diagnosed with this condition, you probably know that it causes bones to become brittle and weak, which makes fractures an increasing possibility. If a vertebra is fractured, it will likely cause back pain.

Treatments for Back Pain

Depending on the root of the cause for your pain, treatment can vary. In some cases, doctors will recommend at-home remedies such as hot and cold compresses, anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medications, and topical anti-inflammatory medications. However, patients prefer to try a drug-free approach before resorting to drugs and/or surgery. Massage therapy might be the treatment option you’ve been looking for.

Benefits of Massage Therapy vs. Other Pain Relief Methods

Massage therapy not only provides a relaxing and enjoyable experience, but it also offers a variety of other research-backed benefits as well. Some include:

  • Safety
    • Massage therapy is non-invasive, therefore it does not require any anesthetics or needles.
  • Effectiveness
    • Studies have shown that using massage as a treatment provides measurable relief for the patient.
  • No recovery time involved
    • Following a massage, patients are usually not required to undergo any sort of recovery and can resume their normal routine the same day.


Methods involving medications, surgery, and recovery periods offer more risks than rewards. Using medications almost always include the risk of developing a dependency, which has its own additional risks. Surgery also includes its own issues depending on what procedure is being done.  

Try out massage therapy today for a low-risk, safe, and effective method of treatment for back pain. For a chiropractor near Smithtown that offers massage therapy, Dr. Semente is here to help you.  Contact us here to make an appointment.