Can Chiropractic Care Help With Allergies?

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Can Chiropractic Care Help With Allergies?

Chiropractic adjustments of the spine can do many great things for your body.. Scientific studies have been done to prove there are beneficial effects of chiropractic care. A study done on the relationship of diseases of the vertebrae and allergies gave us some really useful information- and showed that chiropractic can improve allergies. Contact us here for an appointment with a St. James chiropractor for relief.

When specific areas of the spine (in the case of allergies, the thoracic region) are compressed due to deformities in the spine, the messages sent from the nerves in the spinal cord to specific parts of the body are affected. The trachea specifically is an innervated organ directly involved with many allergic symptoms (coughing, inflammation).

So how exactly can chiropractic care improve the vertebral deformities that contribute to allergies?

Chiropractors employ various techniques to realign the spine, all of which can be supplemented with state of the art diagnostic tools to pinpoint the problem area(s). Dr. Semente is a St. James chiropractor with incredible diagnostics ranging from nerve conduction tests to range of motion exams.

  • In some cases, spinal decompression therapy is helpful in relieving pain and pressure on the vertebrae.
  • Different chiropractors use different methods and treatments based on the patient’s specific case.
    • Low-velocity manipulation methods or high-velocity methods can be used.
      • Mobilization is a low-velocity manipulation method that involves stretching and movement to improve range of motion.
      • Manual manipulation is a more high-velocity method that involves an arm thrust to the affected vertebrae.
  • Some chiropractors supplement their treatments with nutritional and lifestyle advice, as well as acupuncture to improve their patients’ conditions.

For a St. James chiropractor that provides acupuncture, state of the art diagnostics and spinal decompression therapy contact Dr. Semente today.