Why Does Chiropractic Work?

Why Does Chiropractic Work?

What exactly is Chiropractic? How can a Chiropractor help me? Is Chiropractic even scientifically proven to work? These questions are commonly asked by people just like you, looking for information about people like Dr. Semente. We can provide you with a chiropractor in St. James that offers spinal decompression therapy, state of the art diagnostics, nerve damage testing, acupuncture, and so much more.

What is a Chiropractor and how can one help me?

Chiropractic is the practice of using spinal manipulation to relieve pain in patients with neck pain, lower back pain, non-migraine headaches, arthritis, etc. Chiropractors offer drug-free methods to help you get rid of your debilitating pain.

Is Chiropractic scientifically proven to relieve pain?

In April 2017 a study was published confirming that chiropractic methods can, in fact, provide moderate pain relief in patients with lower back pain. It has been long since the days where a patient would look at a doctor recommending chiropractic with seven heads. Chiropractic is now much more accepted amongst the medical community as being an appropriate, low-risk, and effective treatment method.

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What is it about Chiropractic that makes it so effective?

Spinal manipulation works by applying pressure on an area of the spine that has much less mobility than it should. Injuries caused by car accidents, poor posture, and conditions such as arthritis result in unwanted and unnecessary discomfort. Part of a chiropractor’s job is to manipulate the spine in such a way that relieves pain and tightness in the affected area.

To ensure that you are getting the appropriate care from us, we provide diagnostic care as well as traditional Chiropractic treatments. Our cervical and lumbar range of motion exam use a computerized test that can tell us how far you deviate from a normal range of motion, helping us to pinpoint exactly how we can treat you.

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