Failed Low Back Surgery

Failed Low Back Surgery

Have you been experiencing lower back pain? Maybe it’s because of a recent failed surgery that you had to correct an injury. Low back pain can be extremely debilitating, so it’s important to find the root of the issue.

According to Dr. Peter F. Ullrich, under the best conditions, only 95% of the time does spinal surgery actually yield a successful result. For the 5% of people that don’t find relief after surgery, the pain can cause significant impairment in your daily activities.

If you’re one of many people suffering from lower back pain, you might be wondering what you can do to find relief. Dr. Semente is a chiropractor near Saint James that offers spinal decompression therapy to help treat your pain.

If you have had an MRI and/or blood work, make sure that you bring the results with you to your appointment with Dr. Semente.

Common Causes of Failed Low Back Surgery:

  • Anatomical lesions must be found before the surgery, so they can be corrected in the case that the lesion is the cause of pain.
  • Technical errors made during surgery.
  • If your doctor mistakes your pain for being caused by a back pathology, and it is caused by something unrelated to the back (for example, sacroiliac joint dysfunction), your back surgery most likely won’t fix the cause of your pain.

Treatments Associated with Failed Low Back Surgery:

If you are in the Suffolk area, click here for a chiropractor near Saint James that can offer some of the following treatments*

  • Stretching exercises
    • Stretching can help keep the nerve mobile.
  • Chiropractic care
    • Treatments such as spinal decompression.
      • Spinal Decompression has a very high success rate for pain relief.

If you are looking for a more natural, holistic alternative to pain medication, contact Dr. Semente for a chiropractor near Saint James.