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Acupuncture for Anxiety – Acupuncture near Smithtown

Everyone experiences anxiety in some way or another, especially when it comes to being in a new or stressful situation. But, if you’re experiencing anxiety more frequently, or for an extended amount of time, then you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. When you’re suffering from an anxiety disorder, you may have constant feelings of unpleasantness mixed with fear. While some people are able to work through these anxious thoughts, others can’t handle them as well. They may end up preventing themselves from doing everyday activities they enjoy. There are a variety of different anxiety disorders out there, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), separation anxiety, and many more. There are treatment methods for anxiety, though. Most people tend to try different treatments depending on the severity of their anxiety. Most people only view psychotherapy or medications as ways to treat anxiety. Yet, there are alternative methods out there, like acupuncture. Fortunately, at Dr. Raymond A. Semente’s practice, his staff can administer the best acupuncture near Smithtown and is available to help you.


What causes anxiety?

While it’s easy to say stress is the cause of your anxiety, why not dig a little deeper? What is actually causing you to stress out this much? Maybe getting to the bottom of your anxious thoughts can help you through your anxiety treatments. Before seeking out acupuncture near Smithtown, it’s important to recognize where your anxiety may be stemming from. The following are some common factors affecting people with anxiety:


  • Environmental factors  
    • Stress from relationships, work, school, or finances


  • Genetics
    • If someone in your family suffers from an anxiety disorder you’re more likely to as well


  • Medical factors
    • Side effects from medication or symptoms of a disease


  • Brain chemistry
    • Stressful or traumatic experiences or genetic factors can have an effect on you


  • Using drugs or having withdrawals from drugs

How can acupuncture help?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice that’s been used for thousands of years. It’s done by inserting needles into different pressure points on your body. Acupuncture sessions can be scheduled as often as once or twice a week for 10 to 30 minutes depending on the patient’s needs. It’s been found to help ease symptoms anxiety brought on by any of the generalized anxiety disorders. It’s important to be aware that acupuncture isn’t a one-time, cure-all treatment. It’s intended to be repeated. It’s not likely you’ll feel immediate relief, but over time, many patients report positive results.

How can acupuncture near Smithtown help?

If you’re looking to take the alternative route for treating your anxiety, then look no further than Dr. Semente. His staff is composed of qualified acupuncturists in Smithtown and can help you today. It’s also been found that acupuncture can help those suffering from neck pain, lower back pain, knee pain, headaches, and even some symptoms caused by cancer. It’s generally a painless process that’s drug-free. When you make your first appointment, you’ll go over all the details of your symptoms and if there are any current medications you’re using. After getting all that down, you and our staff can set up your sessions depending on the severity of your anxiety.

If you or someone you know is interested in acupuncture near Smithtown, make an appointment! You can call or visit his website for information on appointments!

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If you’re looking to take the alternative route for treating your anxiety, then look no further than Dr. Semente. His staff is composed of qualified acupuncturists in Smithtown and can help you today.