Chiropractic Care for Leg Pain

Chiropractic Care for Leg Pain

Leg pain can exist in many forms.  Leg pain can affect your life dramatically, as it can make a simple walk from point A to point B a major ordeal.  Don’t let your leg pain stop you from doing the things you need to get done and the things you love to do. Chiropractic care is an effective treatment option for those who deal with leg pain.  If you’re seeking a chiropractor near Smithtown and Nesconset, then don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Raymond Semente to help treat your various leg pains.

Types of Leg Pain

Hip pain can be a frequent issue for many people as it can be caused by many different things.  Causes of hip pain could originate from other parts of the body such as the lumbar spine, groin, or pelvis.  The pain could also stem from osteoarthritis, overuse of the joint, or injury/trauma to the hip or pelvis area.  

Knee pain is another common lower extremity pain that can also have various causes.  The knee can suffer ligament or cartilage injuries, as well as osteoarthritis which can lead to severe pain.  In addition, overuse of the joint, being overweight, or traumatic injury to the knee can also cause pain to that area.  


Treatment of Leg Pain

Dr. Raymond Semente, our trained chiropractor near Smithtown, will begin treating your leg pain by analyzing areas of pain in your leg to determine the specific type of care to provide.  For the knee and hip, we would show proper stretching exercises to get to the core of the issue. This will allow for more natural treatment so that the patient can stay away from any types of drugs or even surgery. We will provide patients with proper education on how they can treat their bodies to help prevent pain. This includes weight loss, proper exercise techniques, or even suggesting the correct pair of shoes.  Patients with hip and knee pain generally respond well to chiropractic treatment and will rarely need surgery.  This care includes controlled adjustments to the areas of attention which will ultimately help to restore optimal function and movement of the joints.  This will help patients reduce pain and inflammation while promoting healing and flexibility in the relevant areas.

If you seek a chiropractor near Smithtown, then Dr. Raymond Semente is here to help relieve your leg pain and allow you to get back on your feet.  With his experience and personal care to his patients, he delivers great results to the patients in need. Contact us if you suffer from hip, knee, or other leg pain so we can help you live the life you want.