Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain

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Low back pain occurs when joints, muscles, ligaments, or spinal discs in or around the lower back are injured. This pain can worsen once the injured area becomes inflamed. If you suffer from lower back pain and are interested in treatment options contact Dr. Raymond A. Semente. His St. James chiropractic office treats lower back pain and a host of other back issues.

Lower back pain can be characterized by several symptoms. Some experience difficulty walking or performing movements that stretch or pull the lower back, such as moving from a crouched position to a standing position. Pain can also be experienced in static positions like sitting for a long period of time. Lower back pain may involve muscle tightness/spasms, burning sensations, and tingling sensations. The duration and severity of lower back pain vary from person to person and depends on their specific injury.

Dr. Semente’s chiropractic services in St. James offer a great, non-invasive treatment for your low back pain. A typical chiropractic treatment consists of:

  • Spinal manipulations / Manual manipulations – these methods feature a high-velocity movement to a specific joint in a specific position that will relieve nerve irritation and restore normal function of the joint.
  • Spinal Mobilizations – these methods feature low velocity/gentle movements that target the joints in similar ways to spinal manipulations and manual manipulations.

Once your appointment is made, a chiropractor will begin by assessing your physical health and degree of pain. Your spinal mobility will be tested during the examination. To better determine the severity of your pain, x-rays and blood pressure may be taken. After the preliminary tests, your chiropractor will begin spinal/manual manipulations. These manipulations restore normal function/range of motion to the lower back.

If you are interested in Chiropractic services for your lower back pain and live in/near St. James, NY contact Dr. Semente’s office by clicking here!