What Can A Chiropractor Help Treat?

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What Can A Chiropractor Help Treat?

What is chiropractic care? How effective can a low-risk and non-invasive treatment really be? Chiropractic care has actually seen a great amount of success in treating patients with a more holistic approach. Chiropractors treat both the body and the mind for an overall recovery in the individual. What may also shock people is that, on top of how effective chiropractic care can be, the treatments used can help treat a wide variety of conditions and symptoms. Many feel that someone should seek chiropractic care as a first means of dealing with discomfort or pain. Meet with our chiropractor in St. James, Dr. Raymond Semente, to be your first means of recovery today.

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic care is used to alleviate symptoms brought about through issues of the spine and the rest of the body. Our chiropractor in St. James has years of experience in treating patients, as well as healing a wide variety of pain and discomfort those patients have had.

The greatest aspect of chiropractic care is just how applicable it is in treating individuals. Though normally thought of to treat lower-back pain, joint pain, or neck pain; chiropractic care has seen success treating a wide variety of different conditions. Some of those conditions include:

    • Symptoms related to tinnitus
    • Symptoms related to vertigo
    • High blood pressure
    • Complications from arthritis
    • Migraines/headaches
    • Complications from cancer
    • Complications from bell’s palsy
    • Complications from allergies
    • Symptoms related to pregnancy
    • Symptoms related to stress
    • Complications from fibromyalgia
    • A poor immune system
    • Limited flexibility


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Most people assume that chiropractors are good only for neck and back pain. And while they do treat a lot of that, there’s plenty else they can do. If you are experiencing any form of discomfort or pain and you’re not sure that chiropractic care can help, contact our chiropractor in St. James, Dr. Raymond Semente for more information!