What Are Trigger Point Injections?

Trigger Point Injections in St. James

What Are Trigger Point Injections?

Have you ever heard the expression that your muscles can have “knots”? As peculiar as the expression may be, it can be a very painful experience. Muscle “knots”, or trigger points, are when the muscle fibers are consistently tight, even when the body is relaxed, which can cause pain and discomfort. This pain and discomfort can be felt on the area itself, an adjacent muscle group, or even another part of the body that isn’t in close proximity. Dr. Raymond Semente offers trigger point injections in St. James for patients who continue to feel pain from these ailments.

When it comes to what causes trigger points, it can be related to several different factors. Some of these factors are:

    • If an individual does not have an active lifestyle.
    • If an individual puts too much strain on the muscle group.
    • If the individual does not have good posture.
    • If the individual has a poor diet.
    • If the individual is dehydrated.


As mentioned above; trigger points can affect any part of your body, but they are most commonly found around the lower back, shoulders, and neck. If you are experiencing severe pain from a muscle “knot”, you may wish to seek out trigger point injections in St. James.

A standard trigger point injection treatment is conducted with the insertion of a needle into the body where the trigger point or muscle “knot” is located. A saline solution, local anesthetic, or a corticosteroid is administered to the trigger point to render it inactive, which relieves the pain and allows for the muscle group to recover properly. After the procedure is completed, it is recommended that the individual perform light exercise for the muscle group to slowly build up strength.

Although trigger point injections have been shown to help alleviate the pain brought about by muscle “knots”, it isn’t a method that is used as an initial form of treatment. Patients should first seek treatment through basic chiropractic medicine; following a regimen of stretching, application of ice and/or heat and a program to correct their posture. If these treatment options prove to be ineffective after a span of four to six weeks, then the individual should look into receiving trigger point injections.

If you have been experiencing chronic pain and nothing has helped to alleviate it, see if trigger point injections in St. James is the right treatment for you! Call us today to set up an appointment!